• Credit/debit card may be obtained by companies, institutions and organizations who have submitted a copy of the company's registration certificate
  • The cards are issued free of charge for the duration of the contract
  • Using credit/debit cards is very convenient and easy
  • Credit/debit cards can be made with the combination of different services - the choice of several fuels or services
  • You will receive the reports on the use of the cards together with your bill
  • If the card is lost, the buyer must immediately notify cancellation of the lost card by Tel. No.: 8-611-26907
  • We commit to block the card on weekdays and weekends within 24 hours. The company is not responsible for all purchases made within 24 hours from the moment we receive the request to block the card. In addition, customers can block the cards themselves in the self-service system
  • The card can be blocked not only if it is lost, but also if the buyer requests
  • Cards are issued at any convenient UAB "Alauša" gas station

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