Last updated on: 05 September 2018

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as – “Privacy Policy” or “Policy”) explains how UAB “Alauša” (hereinafter referred to as – “Company”) collects and uses information when you use any services offered on our website (hereinafter referred to as – “Website”) or any other services we offer (hereinafter referred to as – “Services”).

The Company undertook to process your personal data in the Company’s activity in a responsible and safe manner. We will always seek to ensure a sufficient level of protection of your data as well as the protection of your rights in accordance with this essential principle. We process personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy, being guided by the applicable legal acts, including the GDPR (2016/679) as well as the applicable Lithuanian national legal acts on data protection.

To learn more, please carefully read this Privacy Policy.

1. Why should I read this Privacy Policy?

This Privacy Policy is aimed at giving the answers to the most important questions regarding why we collect, use and store information about you. Should you have any questions or should any part hereof seem inexplicable to you, our contact person is always ready to help, as described in clause 15 hereof. Please note that any form of the word “us” in this Privacy Policy refers to our Company, as specified in section 2 hereof.

2. Who is responsible for the protection of my information?

We are: UAB “Alauša”
Legal entity code: 183615620
Address: Utenio sq. 9, Utena

3. Why do you collect information about me?

We provide, maintain, improve and ensure the safety of our website. We also provide marketing services. For this reason, we have to collect, use and store information about you. In the table attached to this Privacy Policy, you can get familiarized with the more detailed information.

4. What information about me do you collect, use and store?

The information you yourself provided when registering on our website (name, surname, email, phone);
We collect anonymous and generalized information about the website’s traffic.

5. Do you use cookies?

Yes, we do. On our website, we use cookies specified in the Cookie Policy.

6. What information do I have to provide to you and why?

For the purposes of registration on our website, you must provide us with you name, surname, email, phone number and residence address. All these data are required for marketing services’ rendering (order receipt, invoicing, goods’ delivery, reporting of the order status).

7. What information about me do you collect from other sources and what are these sources?

We do not collect information about you from other sources.

8. What is the legal ground on which you collect information about me?

We collect information about you on legitimate grounds as:
You gave your consent when registering in the e-shop;
Your information is required for making and performing the sale and purchase contract with you;
We have a legitimate interest to monitor the website’s traffic.

9. Do you collect sensitive information about me?

We do not collect any sensitive information.

10. Do you apply automated decision-making or profiling based on the information about me?

We do not apply automated decision-making or profiling.

11. Do you share information about me with other parties?

We shares information about you with enterprises rendering IT services.

12. Do you share information about me with parties outside the EEA?

We do not share information about you with parties outside the EEA.

13. How long do you keep information about me?

We keep the information related to your registration on the website until you withdraw your consent. The information about the purchases you made is kept by us in accordance with the guidelines on the general periods for document storage.

14. What actions can I commit regarding my information on your website?

If you want to commit the actions below, please contact the contact person as specified in section 15.
File a request on disclosing to you of the information we have about you;
File a request on correcting of the available information about you;
File a request on deleting of the available information about you;
File a request on limiting of access to the available information about you or deleting thereof;
Dispute collection, using and storage of your information on our website;
File a request on exporting of your data or transferring thereof to another enterprise;
File a request with the State Data Protection Inspectorate.

15. Our contact person can help you.

We undertook to ensure the protection of your personal data. In case you have any questions or comments regarding your personal data processing, please contact us by email or phone +370 687 34693. You can also use this address to provide any comments regarding this Privacy Policy.

Detailed description of how we collect, use and store your data:

Why do you collect ?What information ?What is the legal ground for collecting the information about me?What GDPR and other regulations are applied?
During your registration, we collect your information which you provide to us for the purposes of making the sale and purchase contract with you.NameYou gave your consent on the website (para (а) of part 1 of article 6 of the GDPR)The information is required to make a sale and purchase contract (para (b) of part 1 of article 6 of the GDPR)
Phone number